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Building a Thriving Academic Community Through Faculty Empowerment and Engagement

Poster 19

5/21/24, 9:30 PM

Faculty engaged in initiatives such as mentoring, interdisciplinary collaboration, and community building, are able to foster a strong sense of belonging and professional growth.

James Adam

Belmont University

Emily Greene

Belmont University


Interdisciplinary collaboration, faculty empowerment, community building

The HOPE (Helping Others Prosper through Empowerment) initiative is a program designed to foster personal and professional growth among faculty members within an academic environment. A monthly Incubator Coffee Hour was hosted to promote interdisciplinary dialogue, collaboration and peer mentorship. Approximately 20-35 faculty and staff from diverse departments attended each session. The most popular themes were Academic Life, Building Connections, and Seeking Collaboration. Attendees benefited from direct access to strategic support areas such as teaching center, IRB, and Grants office. Several participants reported forming new partnerships, highlighting HOPE's role in enriching academic life and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration.

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Building a Thriving Academic Community Through Faculty Empowerment and Engagement



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