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Where to Start?

Your primary audience members are college and university faculty and administrators. Plan what you'll say, and plan to leave a few minutes for questions. The participants at the Lilly Conferences are excellent teachers and bring enthusiasm, ideas, and dialogue to the sessions.

Presentation Information

40-Minute Concurrent Session

The 40-minute sessions are in-depth explorations of a particular topic, with time laid out for listening and participating. Lilly presentations are known for being interactive with active learning exercises; be creative! Think of yourself as a facilitator who not only presents content but guides applications and discussions about the topic at hand. PowerPoint use should be limited to conveying key points and graphical or visual information. A “mini-lecture” format that uses at least one activity, demonstrates your favorite teaching method, and/or allows for discussion time is important. Consider what activities will best support the accomplishment of your presentation objectives while allowing your colleagues to interact and to be engaged.

20-Minute Concurrent Session

The 20-minute sessions are brisk and information driven. Please plan your presentation to fit into the time allowed, as another session is scheduled immediately following yours. Practice to be sure your timing is accurate. Think of this type of session as a mini-lecture. You are not expected to offer active learning in these sessions, but it may be included if particularly relevant and timely.

Roundtable Discussions

Your role for the 30-minute roundtable discussion is to facilitate a conversation around the topic you have proposed. You might start with a brief overview of the topic or issue and follow with a short summary of your interest or experience. As a discussion leader, plan to ask and receive focused questions that guide the discussion among all participants at your table. This is an opportunity for you and your colleagues to share ideas and thoughts related to a topic of common interest.

 " I consider it such a privilege to be able to attend [Lilly Conferences]. They are always so well put together, I always find new things to learn, and have such great fun. Keep up the fantastic work!" 

- TX Attendee


Session Components

Session Outcomes


As you develop your presentation material, refer back to the learner-centered outcomes you submitted in your proposal. These outcomes will be shared with other participants via Sched and on our website. Use them as an outline to develop your session content and flow. What common problem or issue are you addressing? What is the story behind your session, or your motivation, or passion for this topic? What do you want your colleagues to know or do as a result of your session? Just as with your student learning objectives, these outcomes should be measurable. At the end of the session, your colleagues should be able to refer to the session outcomes and assess whether they have indeed been accomplished.

Session Handouts 


Participants will learn a great deal at this conference in a short period of time, and handouts are a helpful way for individuals to reflect on what they have learned. We suggest that you bring 25 copies of your handouts to the conference presentation or upload your handouts to your session listing in Sched. We also encourage presenters to email us a PDF of your session handouts, which can then be linked on our website for participants to download. 

Room Set-Up 

20- & 40-Minute Concurrent Sessions

Rooms will be set up classroom style with space for 30–60 participants (depending on the room)

Each room will be equipped with:

  • a flip chart and markers

  • a projection screen

  • an LCD projector with VGA and HDMI cables

  • external speakers

  • a wireless internet connection




The Roundtable Session begins immediately

following breakfast on Friday. We will announce

the title of each roundtable discussion and place

the  designated session letter at a specific table.

Seat yourself at your assigned table. There will be 8-10 chairs at the table, and additional seats may be moved to your table/area. 


Technology is generally not used during roundtable discussions as there are no projectors or electrical outlets accessible. Handouts, bibliographies, and references are welcomed.

Apple Product Users! If you use an Apple product or Tablet for your presentation, please remember to bring an adapter/Mini DisplayPort.


Important Note! You must bring your own laptop/tablet (and an adapter if you do not have HDMI or VGA ports).


Feedback to Move Forward

Concurrent Session Evaluations


Individual session evaluations will be placed in each room.  Forms will be in an envelope labeled with the title of your session and the lead presenter's name. Please save a few moments at the end of your presentation to distribute forms and allow participants to complete the evaluation form. Leave the envelope containing completed evaluations in the presentation room; a conference staff member will collect session evaluations after each concurrent session. Your session evaluations will be scanned and emailed directly to you. 

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