We are excited to feature your poster on our website a week in advance of the conference.  In order to accomplish this, we need some items from you!


Needed for the Online Poster Gallery


Please be aware these are items that are due by Tuesday, December 31, 2019:  

  • PDF or PNG image of your poster to be featured on the conference website. 

  • Headshot to be featured with the JPEG image of your poster. 

    • Size requirement: 800 x 800 pixels

  • 90 seconds “elevator speech” about your poster to be posted to the website. Only the first author needs to record this audio file.

    • Please send a .mp3 recording.  Save recording as your last name. 


How should I send my PDF/PNG, Photograph and MP3? 

Please email them to kathryn@itlcnetwork.org 


How do I record the audio file? 

Click on the links below for the type of device you would be using to record. Save the file so that it includes your last name. Only the first author needs to record this audio file.  

Mac | PC | iPhone | Android

Why are we asking for a PDF of your poster, headshot and 90 seconds MP3? 

Posters, abstracts, audio file, and your photograph will be featured on the conference website.  This will allow all participants to browse posters prior to the Poster Reception and attend with specific questions in mind.  The website will be available for all participants to view one week prior to the conference. 


To see an example of what the finished website will look like, please see what was presented in Traverse City here: https://www.lillyconferences-mi.com/2019postergallery


Preparing Your Poster


What are the specific poster dimensions? 

48" wide by 36" tall

Please make sure to design your poster to fit the provided display board; this tri-fold foam core board is 48" wide by 36" tall. 


Please see the PowerPoint template under “Resources” on the lillyconferences-tx.com website. You may also adhere smaller individual slides/pages instead if you prefer. 

What makes a great poster display?

  • Use a light-colored background with dark letters

  • Be succinct – What are your main points? What is the most important message related to each of your learning objectives?

  • Use pictures and graphs instead of paragraphs when possible

  • Use large font (30+ point)

  • Use borders, colored headings, and/or “white space” to visually divide sections


Poster Reception

What do I do with my poster when I get to the conference?

A Poster Concierge Service is available to you, please bring your poster to the conference registration desk by 2 pm on Friday, conference staff will set it up at your designated display area for you and you may just report to the ballroom by 4:30 pm ready to engage participants. 


Where and when is poster setup otherwise? 

The Poster Reception will be held in the main lobby on Friday from 4:45-5:45 pm. If you would prefer to set out your own poster, or if you have individual slides to attach, please report to the lobby by 4:30 pm to set up your poster. 


What supplies are provided for me? 

  • Each table will be labeled by the designated letter corresponding to each poster

  • Each table will have a trifold-foam core poster board on the table

  • Alligator clips and double-sided tape will be available for securing the poster to the display board

  • Display Board size: The poster board provided measures 48"W by 36"H. 

    • You may view a sample of the display board at staples.com search for item #922528 to see the image and specifications. 

    • Please let me know if you DO NOT need me to provide you with a trifold display board


What will happen during the Poster Reception?

If you would like Poster Coaching prior to the reception please report to the main lobby at 4:30 PM to meet conference staff.  Conference staff will direct you to your designated tablespace. Once your poster is set, please display your assigned poster letter designation card in the upper right-hand corner of the poster board using an alligator clip provided for you.

Anything else to know?

Yes! Please make sure to follow us on Twitter: @ITLC-Lilly, Facebook: Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching, and Instagram: LillyConferences for updates and information prior to the conference such as giveaways! 


As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call us (919.270.6306) or email us at kathryn@itlcnetwork.org.