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Student Engagement with Internships

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Presented by:

Melinda K. Adams, University of the Incarnate Word
Jody Jessup-Anger, Marquette University

Key Statement:

Internships are meant to be stepping stones to career success. Why do some students engage while other do not? What do students think about internships? What makes a great internship?


Internships, Engagement, Student


Information from students across disciplines and geographic locations provides an understanding of participation or not for internships. Academia’s understanding can assist students who want to participate when barriers are present. It will also provide better information on how internships should be approached. Students’ perspectives will provide faculty and institutions with information to create internship courses to better link in-school with work experiences. This data is needed for disciplines with mandatory internships to better support students and increase their engagement in this high impact practice.

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Student Engagement with InternshipsMelinda K. Adams, University of the Incarnate Word Jody Jessup-Anger, Marquette University
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Our poster is presenting some of our research on students’ engagement with internships. So, on the
poster, what we have presented here is looking at hours that students worked and whether or not they
are participating in internships, reasons why they do or do not participate in internships. We also were
looking at internship satisfaction and, for those students who did do internships, you will see several
charts that look at if they were satisfied with their internships and things that their supervisors did that
may have impact on their internships. Thank you.


1- Describe experimental and hands-on teaching in computer architecture
2- Explain the benefits of hands-on learning for a complex topic such as computer architecture.
3- Assess student success and summarize student attitudes and outcomes related to concept-understanding, self-learning, retention and teamwork.

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