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2019 Highlights


In January, 2019, we gathered with faculty at the DoubleTree Hotel in Austin, Texas to network and share evidence-based practices in teaching in learning. Friendships and collaborations were formed and strengthened as participants engaged in presentations and discussions over the 3 day conference. Some participants took advantage of our free shuttle to 6th Street and explored downtown Austin in the evenings, but their dedication showed as everyone gathered the next morning ready to learn more still.

What Participants are Saying

Out of the 111 participants that completed the conference evaluation,

93% believe the conference helped to advance their professional development, 8% said maybe, and 0% said no;

99% said that their conference experience fulfilled their reason for attending;

99% believe they will be able to implement or use at least one take away gained from the conference this year;

96% were satisfied or very satisfied with the overall conference, 4% were neutral and 0% were dissatisfied; and

96% were satisfied or very satisfied with the extent to which the conference experience created a sense of community.


"I found the conference very meaningful. I was able to meet and exchange ideas with professionals in my field of interest"

"The conference was absolutely AWESOME there was definitely an unmistakable synergy throughout the entire
conference each and every day"

"This was my first Lilly conference and I plan to attend more and encourage my colleagues to attend"


"It was the best conference I have ever been, speakers and availability of Lilly staff so approachable
and knowledgeable"


"I will make attending the Lilly conference an annual event. I loved every bit of it and learned a lot."

"This was my first Lilly Conference and I absolutely enjoyed every aspect.
Would love to continue this. Thank you."


"This was hands-down the best conference I have been to! I learned so much and really appreciated the supportive and
positive atmosphere. It was invigorating to be surrounded by so many people who are passionate about what they do and
are committed to getting better at teaching. I will definitely be coming back!"

2019 Plenary Speakers

Conference Facts & Numbers

This year, we had over 300 faculty, administrators, and graduate students join us in Austin from 115 different institutions in 33 US states, 1 Canadian province, and Singapore!

Around 39% of the participants were presenters.

There were 4 plenary presentations, 45 50-minute concurrent sessions, 20 20-minute concurrent sessions, 7 round table discussions, and 22 poster presentations.


2019 Conference Links

2019 Cosponsors

Special Thanks

Thank you to our presenters and participants who have made the commitment to come to Austin for this conference. We appreciate that you have many obligations, both professional and personal, and your presence demonstrates your commitment to your work and to your commitment to the outcome of student learning.

We would also like to wish a special thank you to:

Our esteemed Plenary Presenters

Stylus Publishing for contributing all of the books in our book raffle

Our fabulous Reviewers that read and evaluate proposals

Our Cosponsoring Institutions that brought teams of faculty

Milt Cox, who founded the original Lilly Conference on College Teaching nearly 40 years ago


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